Happy fathers day

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2018-02-02 13:06 - 13:06
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Though Mother’s Day is more of a popular holiday, Father’s Day is also being celebrated in various states. Sonora Smart Dodd is one of the influential figures of the day, who’s father has raised 6 children on his own after the wife’s death. This was considered to be a heroic action for that period of timing.

The first celebration date of the event was in 1910, whereas the first official announcement of the holiday was made in 1972.

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    The day marks the anniversary of the Allies victory over the Japan during the WWII. The process was complete by dropping bombs on the Japanese cities (Hiroshima and Nagasaki). The holiday is considered to be a state holiday. Currently it is only celebrated in Rhode Island on first Monday of each year.

    The holiday causes controversies. One of such issues is that the holiday if celebrated nationwide might causes offensive feelings among the Japanese descend population. Another thing is that in various other countries the Victory day is being celebrated on other dates, stating that the WWII was finalized before the US bombs were landed to Japan.

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    The holiday is celebrated on the first Monday of September as a last chance for the holidays for the population. This is one of the beloved National holidays. It is following the summer, so lots of people use the Labor day holiday to have the last weekend with family and friends.

    The students occasionally organize the last parties before the beginning of the school or university classes. For most of the sports this is also the start weekend.

    The holiday was first celebrated as a National holiday in 1894. The day was suggest to become a holiday by Labor Union.