Valentine’s Day

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2019-02-14 - 2059-02-14 All day
San Francisco, California, USA
Address: San Francisco, California, USA

This day is celebrated all over the United States and worldwide. It is devoted to St. Valentine, who is assumed to be the patron of all lover’s. The holiday is not public, thus the state offices and stores are still functioning on that day.

The main symbols of the days are :
● chocolate
● heart-shaped candy
● roses

Victoria’s Secret lingerie company is launching special campaigns on that day every year.

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    2019-12-24 - 2059-12-24 All day

    This is the celebration of the day before Christmas. Usually the Christmas trees as well as the homes are being decorated before this day starting from Thanksgiving. Still most of the families hang their stockings for Santa on this day. The Christmas gifts are also being put below the Christmas tree on this day.

    There is an unofficial tradition of opening one of the gifts under the tree on this day. The holiday is not a national state holiday, thus it is a working day. In some cases the working lasts shorter. The official day off is still considered to be Christmas.

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    2020-03-17 - 2060-03-17 All day

    St. Patrick’s Day is devoted to one of Ireland’s patron saints, thus the holiday is largely celebrated by the Americans of Irish descend. The holiday is usually celebrated with wearing green cloves, dwarf costumes, as well as clover-related accessories. In addition most of the time the participants drink lots of beer.

    The following cities and locations usually held annual parades:
    ● Savannah
    ● Chicago
    ● Boston
    ● Houston
    ● Philadelphia
    ● Pittsburgh
    ● Denver
    ● Detroit
    ● Toronto
    ● New York
    ● New Orleans
    ● Seattle

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    2020-04-01 - 2060-04-01 All day

    The holiday is celebrated in various regions of the world. The roots of the holiday lay in Roman and Indian traditions depending on the historical perspective.

    The holiday is celebrated in various countries including United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland and various Nordic countries.

    The main celebration of holiday includes making various pranks and funny situations. Only at the end of the process the participant is being told about the joke.

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    2020-07-04 - 2060-07-04 All day

    This holiday is one of the widely celebrated American holidays also known as “Fourth of July”. It is to honor the Independence from Great Britain in 1776. The holiday has patriotic roots and thus the celebration includes various patriotic events.

    The holiday common celebration is a family picnic or barbeque. The symbols of the American state are being used as part of the holiday. This includes display of American Map next to the houses, fireworks and parades in traditional clothing.

    Government offices and schools are closed for the holiday.




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