Ninja warrior training!Thanks to Brett (IG: americanhandstands) for the submission!
Creative tricks & flips!Thanks to TheBountyRunners & Ross Allen (@rossallenpk) for the clips!
Crazy ball skills by Stefan Bojic
Just when we think we've seen it all!Thanks to OK World Wide, Karbula Lorand & Mostef - S.Miles for the video!
Awesome bar skills! Thanks to Bjarke Hellden for the submission!
You heard the man... don't try this at home! (or in the gym!)Thanks to James D. Carter (IG: stronglikejames) for the clip!
People and Dogs are Awesome!
It's remarkable what the body can achieve with hard work and training!Thanks to Vita Radionova for the clip!
Off-road trike racing is SO MUCH FUN!
That's amazing, it's taller than him!Thanks to Sergi Llongueras for the clip.
If you have a fear of heights, you might want to skip this one!Thanks to Nick Courtney for the clip!
Little gymnastics superstar in the making!Thanks to Isabelle (IG: _gymnastisabelle_) for the clip!
Two and a half minutes of pure awesomeness! ♫ Bloc Party - The Love Within ♫
Slick shot!!Thanks to Mathias (IG: @mathiasschjoelberg) for the clip!
It's nearly halloween! Time to do awesome things in ridiculous costumes!♫ F.O.O.L - Showdown (Monstercat) ♫
This dude is AWESOME!Thanks to Tomy Mihičinac for the clips!
Awesome strength & control!!Thanks to Noah Chorny (IG: powerpole1) for the clips!
Little champs in the making!! Eight year old twins training together!Thanks to the Grandy twins for the clip! (IG: grandytwins_boxing).
There are superhumans among us!!♫ Discopolis - Falling ♫
When you just can't wait for the snow...
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