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The Follow Button is a small widget which allows users to easily follow a Twitter account from any webpage.

2.2 Adding a Follow Button

2.2.1 Title. Specify a title for the plugin for identifying the plugin in the back-end.
2.2.2 Publish. Choose whether to publish the plugin or not.
2.2.3 User to follow. Define the user screen name to follow, when pressing the button. By default the screen name will be visible when hovering.
2.2.4 Button Size. Choose the button size from the provided default options.
2.2.5 Followers count display. Choose whether to display the number of the followers in the box or not.
2.2.6 Width. Define the width of the Follow button. The height of the button is set by default.
2.2.7 Alignment. Choose the alignment of the button.
2.2.8 Show Screen Name. Check the box if you want the screen name to be visible on the button.
2.2.9 Opt Out. Check this option to avoid Twitter from content tailoring and making suggestions for you and your followers based on the data.

2.2.10 Language Preference.

  • Current. Adjusts to the language of the website.
  • Custom. Select the plugin language.

2.2.11 All Articles. Adds the plugin to all the articles on the website.
2.2.12 Articles. Choose the articles to which you want to add the plugin.
2.2.13 Vertical Position. Choose whether to place the plugin at the top or at the bottom of the article.
2.2.14 All Non-Article Pages. Adds the plugin to all the menu items on the website except the articles.
2.2.15 Non-Article Pages. Choose menu items to which you want to add the plugin.
2.2.16 Vertical Position. Choose whether to place the plugin at the top or at the bottom.
2.2.17 Style. Here you can customize certain style options using CSS. Simply edit the content of the text area to change the inline CSS of the twitter plugin.