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The Like button is a social plugin that lets users share pages from your site back to their Facebook profile with one click.
2.1 Adding a Like Button
2.1.1 Title. Specify a title for the plugin to be able to identify the plugin in back-end.
2.1.2 Publish. Choose whether to publish the plugin or not.
2.1.3 Rendering. Choose how to render the plugin. IFRAME does not allow adding aSend Button.The URL option allows placing a link that redirects to a page with the plugin. Specify the link title in the Link text field, as well as the new page Target.
2.1.4 Type of URL. By default, the plugin refers to the current page, but it is possible to link it to a different page by choosing the URL option and filling out the Url field.
2.1.5 App ID. Enter your Facebook Application ID.
2.1.6 Width. Specify the width (in pixels) of the plugin container.
2.1.7 Button Label. Choose the button label.
2.1.8 Show Send Button. Choose whether to place a Send button next to the Like button or not.
2.1.9 Show Page Fans. Choose whether to show Page Fans or not.
2.1.10 Layout style. Select a layout style for the plugin.
2.1.11 Background color. Choose a background color for the plugin container.
2.1.12 Color Scheme. Select the color scheme of the plugin.
2.1.13 Font. Choose the text font of the plugin.