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Do you receive multiple inquiries and questions from your clients? Want them to get to know more about your company and services? Then, an elegant FAQ section is a necessity for your site. While inputting the questions and answers is an easy solution for that, using a professional tool for creating stylized FAQ section will be a more user-friendly approach.
  • 1. Form Maker
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  • 1. What is Form Maker?

    Form Maker is a brilliant extension for creating online forms for your Joomla! and WordPress site. When you create a form with Form Maker, it automatically builds the database and scripts needed for the form. So you can create forms without the knowledge of HTML, CSS or any programming language.

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  • 2. What can I build with Form Maker?

    Generally the possibilities of creating different new amazing forms are limited only by your will or imagination. See below the several examples of usage of Form Maker.
    • Contact form
    • Mailing list
    • Survey
    • Job application
    • Workshop registration
    • Bug tracker
    • Wedding planner
    • Quizzes/Testes
    • Real estate applications
    • Invitation/RSVP add invitation to the product demo
    • Online orders

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  • 3. Why would I want to use Form Maker

    Any site administrator aims to collect as more information and feedback from the site user as it is possible. The most effective mechanism for collecting data from people is forms. The process of creating a form and related databases is complicated, resource and time consuming. The whole process of creating a form may last days, if no weeks. The Joomla Form is best choice for skipping all these steps effectively.

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  • 4. I bought Form Maker, but I have not received an email for confirmation and for downloading.

    Usually confirmation e-mail arrives during a minute after the purchase. You can also check spam and junk folders. If the e-mail does not arrive during half an hour, please contact us. We will do our best to solve the problem as soon as possible and will also send the purchased product by e-mail.

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  • 5. Does the Form Maker work on the localhost?

    Yes, it works in any server where MYSQL and PHP are supported.

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  • 6. Is it possible to translate Form Maker into another language?

    If your site language is not English, you can translate Form Maker by creating a file [lang code].com_formmaker.ini in language folder of your Joomla! site. The new file must be the translation of English version (en-GB.com_formmaker.ini), which is included in the package.

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  • 7. Product does not work or works in an improper way. What should I do?

    We created a product which works on any browser, template and does not conflict with other extensions. However, if a problem arises, contact us telling the link of the website where the problem has occurred. We will try to answer within 24 hours.

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